The Guild's Wood Science Class for Wood Flooring Professionals. 

When? September 20, 21 & 22, 2018

Where? Charlotte, NC (Hotel Reservation Link)

Tuition? $390.00

Move Beyond Certification, Become Educated.

In 2009, The Guild started advance wood science classes at North Carolina State University.

After a few years, The Guild expanded its classes.

Next year, 2019, will be TenYears of providing to the flooring industry truth by science to help each of you increase your profits by the only means to succeed, Quality Floor Education.

New from the Floor Educational Guild, A rare opportunity for students of wood science and flooring, DR. DENIG RETURNS!

This Class size is strictly limited to 30 students!

​The Guild's Wood Science Class For Wood Professional Inspectors and Consultants
When: September 20-22, 2018
Where: The Hyatt House in Charlotte,NC (Link to reserve your room)

Dr. Denig, retired North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department
Dr. G. Velarde, current director of Hodges Wood Testing Laboratory, North Carolina State University


Day 1
8:15 - 8:30 Final registration for class
8:45 - 9:00 Introductions and outlining the goals of the classes
Meet Dr. Denig
8:30 - 9:30 Review of basic Wood Anatomy
Coffee Break 10 minutes
9:40 - 12:00 Manufacturing of Engineered Wood
* Types of production
* Inherent Characteristics and Terminology  
* Delamination Vs. Shear
* Relative humidity and Delamination and Shear
* Engineered wood and moisture
* Warping - Cupping and Twisting



Resume at 1:00
1:00 - 2:30 (Both Engineered and Solid Wood Topics)
Wood fungus and the effect on wood
Mold and Stain
Rot and fungus damage, the different types and their effect on finishes
Insect damage
2:50 - 4:45 Introduction to kiln drying and kiln drying "Issues"
*  Terminology of a kiln dry operator for wood flooring professionals. 
*  Are they separate and not to be evaluated using the same terms?

Follow up questions
Some of these topics may be taught on the second day if the classes run long. 

Day 2.
8:00 AM Questions and Answers From Day 1
8:30 Introductions
Meet Dr. Velarde and he greets and meets his students. 
Moisture Control in BuildingsBuilding Envelope - How moisture or water enters our buildings
Construction methods and defects
Vapor drive - negative V positive - Hot to cold, wet to dry,
The effects of the vapor drive on homes, then, to floors

Lunch will be from 12:00 – 1:30 PM. A midmorning break and afternoon break when needed. 

Resume Class at 1:30 Warranties and product performance, and building envelope.
Products Reaction to building envelope changes
What will we see?
Manufacturing defects vs Product failure 
What will we see and how to examine to make a determination
Should “normal” environmental conditions affect products, and are these manufacturing related or a product failure?
Installation failures in relation to the changes in interior and exterior changes
What will we see and how to evaluate properly
PPP - Product Performance Properties, and also how changes or conditions will affect performances and the properties of the products. Again, what can we expect to see. 
Product warranties evaluated with all you taught above and realistic expectations for consumers, contractors, manufacturers and installers. 

 Day 3

Saturday morning - Building Envelope Continued
Manufacturing Standards 
Approved testing method and techniques 
Trouble shooting, tools of the trade, 
Time permitting, New Laminate Manufacturer and the new Water Proof Laminate flooring.

Starting with Dr. Denig's to the end of Day 3 with Dr. Velarde, their classes builds upon each segment to take you on a wonderful educational journey.
Do you have questions or a topic you want to be discussed?  (

Dates: September 20-23, 2018
Where: Charlotte, NC
**Who should attend? Wood flooring professionals who care about quality work**

Tuition: $390.00.
5% discount for senior professionals over 62 young

Class size strictly limited to 30 students due to the nature of this class. This is a class with technical and scientific information that requires small classes to facilitate student engagement and learning.

The Guild’s 10th Anniversary is next year!

In March of 2009, the Guild had it first class at North Carolina State University.

To prepare for a special year of Great Classes, we are going to start off early in 2018 this September 19-21, in Charlotte, NC with Dr. Denig, who taught in our first class, and Dr. Guillermo Velarde.

In 2019 you will see the professors from Va.Tech, NCSU and there are a few surprises The Guild has for you with new teachers.

One of our several classes will be a repeat of the Kiln Drying Class that Dr. Bond taught this past year. Everyone was impressed and said many great things about his class. Look out, West Coast!

Dr. Denig is a world renown kiln drying expert who travels the entire U.S., Canada, Central-Latin-South Americas, as well as Asia and Europe troubleshooting kiln dry troubles for wood mills.

There is no one better to help us understand wood and moisture relationships than Dr. Joe!

He also has worked with veneer and engineered wood companies with their drying issues and manufacturing. He will teach topics that are important to the wood flooring professional to help solve complaints with a perceptive unique to our industry. In other words, been there, see that, done that, and that’s the solution.

Wood + Relative Humidity + Moisture, Brown and White Rot. Learn what is important to know and understand to protect yourself and your customers. 
Engineered wood manufacturing, drying issues, how does mold happen in drying, and much more. You will have him, a rare event, for an entire day.

Dr. Denig has authored and co-authored several books on wood science and kiln drying as well as numerous articles and scientific papers.

Next, we are bringing in the new Hodges Laboratory Director, Dr. Velarde. His background is manufacturing and developing testing procedures for wood flooring evaluations. Hodges Laboratory is known as the Prime Location for testing wood floor products.

He is going to teach on moisture testing issues that affect how we do moisture testing, proper field testing procedures, manufacturing of engineered wood and laminate flooring, moisture control in buildings (myth and reality), and laboratory testing.

Dr. Velarde will be doing hands on demonstrations of field testing procedures which will be shown on two large screens. You can stay in your seat and never miss any of it. No more trying to peep over someone shoulder or between two people.

Laboratory testing is a big question we receive inquiries each week. Well, now you may have the opportunity to learn the proper tests to commission and what those tests actually reveal to you. Sometimes, not knowing what test to order can result in excessive monies wasted. This is your chance to have a laboratory director, with a PhD in wood science, and an engineering background, teach you what you need to know to do your jobs to be the best for your customers, clients and frankly, yourself.

Dates: September 20-23, 2018
Where: Charlotte, NC
Who should attend? Wood flooring professionals who care about quality work
Tuition: $390.00. 5% discount for senior flooring professionals over 62 young. 

Class size strictly limited to 30 students due to the nature of this class. This is a class with technical and scientific information that requires small classes to facilitate student engagement and learning.

Whats happening in 2019?
What is planned for 2019?
We have three special events planned. 
And the tuition for one of them? So low, many will say it can’t be done. 
However, we here at the Guild are always doing what they say can’t be done.

Often imitated, but never equaled in quality.


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