Spring 2018 Seminar in Dalton, Georgia. 

When? the first week in April, 2018

Where? The Dalton Convention Center

Tuition? $350.00

​Senior Citizen Inspectors or Attendees(60 and over) $300.00 

Seminar Main Topic Day 1, April 4, 2018

The Guild is proud to announce it has obtained the services of a nationally leading construction defects engineer. 

He will be teaching Construction Defects that cause water or moisture to enter into our buildings we install flooring. 


How many times do flooring professionals have to take the blame for other trades mistakes? 

How many times do manufacturers, installers, distributors and retailers have to replace flooring because the inspector did not know construction defects to help them understand what has happen? 

​Water, Moisture, is the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM for the greatest number of complaints we encounter. Learn the truth!



How many consumers have to pay twice? Once when it was built, once when the flooring was installed, then again to repair the home or building then again for new flooring?

This is the first class directed, focused directly for us Flooring Professionals, to learn the Truth so we can protect our reputations and profits.

Retailers, Contractors and Installers, this is a class for you.

No longer take the blame for complaints that are not your fault!

If you are an inspector, learn, know, how to report the truth.

Help your clients by learning HOW to examine the building for the issues that are causing unjustified complaints for us. 

​Make yourself invaluable to your clients by knowing, and reporting, truth.  

This is not a building inspector course, this is a TRUTH CLASS with the basics so you can be more than a 'reporter of observations'. 

Normally, this class would cost several hundred dollars for one day but with the Guild, it is part of a three day seminar that will include manufacturers teaching about their products AND how to install the flooring

Day 1 April 4, 2018
The Guild continues it innovative educational programs. Never before, has there been a class to explicitly teach Flooring Professionals the truth about construction issues that allows moisture to enter building negatively impacting our flooring stealing our Profits. 

The Guild has contracted Wynn White, a nationally known construction engineer who specializes in moisture and water issues in buildings. 
Mr. White is a professional engineer with an engineering degree from Purdue University, known for its engineering department. 

Water and moisture (Relative Humidity) are major concerns for Flooring Professionals.

Relative Humidity and humidity levels in buildings? What is realistic and what is not. 
How does water intrusion happen? What to look for and how to state it correctly.
Interior walls and humidity, sources for interior moisture that affects our flooring causing issues that can rob you of your profits. 

For inspectors, the knowledge you need to help your clients find the truth and how to use your meters diagnosticly to make your reports accurate and percise._ 

You will learn the value of your investment in moisture meters as a diagnostic tool. 
Are infra cameras a good investment for you?

Day 2, April 5, 2018

Day 2 starts our Installation Training and Education Classes.

Both Mohawk and Tarkett will discuss and demonstrate how to install their new products or products they realize need special consideration to help us do a better job.

Tarkett and Mohawk will provide more information in the next few months as they develop their classes.

Day 3, April 6, 2018

Shaw will teach how to install their products they also feel need special consideration

Solid Wood Flooring Installation & Engineer Wood Flooring Installation

  • Glue down method
  • Staple down method
  • Floating method

Resilient installation 

  • Floor prep per subfloor type
  • Proper use and application of adhesive 
  • Abatement 

Floating products

  • Click mechanisms

Sheet Vinyl

  • Grooving & heat welding

The Guild's Spring Seminar this year, will also focus on installation with actual manufacturing installation demonstrations. 

In the past, such demonstrations were hard to see but we at the Guild solved that problem.

There will be two screens on the stage, a camera projecting the demonstration so you can see it from your seat, ask questions and offer opinions. 

The second screen will have another manufacturing technical person showing the specifications and how it is made. 

We work for you, to help you increase your profits, and protect your profits.

Move Beyond Certification, Become Educated.