This page is for Architects and Construction Personnel to find inspectors to perform

Pre-Installation Site Evaluations

Moisture Measurements for Concrete is just the beginning of a site evaluation for flooring.

Today, when many are turning to brokerage services to find inspectors to do the following testing, you

should hire your inspector directly.

They will utilize the following testing methods

ASTM F 1869 Calcium Chloride 

ASTM F2170 Relative Humidity  

​ASTM D 4263 (Plastic Sheet) and Mat Bond Test

Architects and Construction Contractors your question is,

"Why should we hire Floor Inspectors Directly to tests our concrete substrates and evaluation our sites?"

First, you will save money. Yes, when you hire a brokerage service to do your site evaluations,

they hire inspectors.

Simply, when you use one of the inspectors on this site you will eliminate the middle-person

saving you money. 

However, there are more important issues. When you hire a brokerage service to do your moisture testing,

you eliminate all the other perks that come when your hire the inspector directly. 

What are they? 

  • You will have direct contact with the inspector to explain the process and why the conditions in the ASTM Standards must be meet.
  • The inspector will do more than just moisture measurements. He will evaluate if conditions are suitable for the particular flooring to be installed.
  • Does the site meet flatness and smoothness requirements? Different types of flooring have different requirements. A generalize approach may result in your company paying for corrective work that might not be needed. Brokerage services do not hire inspectors to do this service since they will have to pay the inspector more. The money you save can be used for the following: 
    • The inspector on site will be able to work with you directly and consult to save you money and prevent future problems. 
    • While doing the moisture measurements and pre-installation site evaluations, the inspector can also evaluate the product to be installed. Is the product the right flooring for your consumer needs? Nothing is more troublesome than the call a year later the flooring is not performing to the anticipated performance levels you were promised, causing you lost time from new projects to respond to a complaint about a flooring you were told would be "perfect" for you project. The flooring inspector will not have a financial interest in the product installed so his professional opinion will be based upon performance, to make your life easier.
    • When you hire an inspector directly, when problems arise during construction and installation, he can be on the site to help solve problems and get the job done. A brokerage service cannot do that for you.
      • Easier, isn't that what we all want. To work hard, do a good job and the result is easy life after your job is done? Don't make it complicated, save money and time, get the help you need on a job from a flooring professional you will work with you directly, not a brokerage service who will never visit your site or know your special needs.
    • the inspector can meet with your suppliers to make sure the material ordered is delivered and explain any special installation instructions to avoid installation problems.
    • A brokerage service hundreds or thousands of miles distance cannot do this, only your own on-site inspector you hire directly can do all this foryour. ​

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