Peer Reviewed Inspectors By States

Peer Reviewed inspectors are inspectors who have demonstrated a POSITIVE COMMENTMENT to the flooring industry by involvement in industry associations, contributing to the betterment of our trade, Flooring Inspections, with Integrality, Honesty, and Factual Non-Bias Reports.

Involvement in our industry

The inspector has participated in events, associations and freely giving to his fellow inspectors his time, education and experience to help not only his fellow inspectors, but, consumers, understand the facts (Science- Cause and Effect) behind their flooring issues, or failures.

Contributing to the Betterment of the Flooring Inspector Trade

The inspector has, by the statement above, given freely of his time but has also worked to advance the trade as an honest trade, and helped develop programs to better educate and teach fellow inspectors without regard or concerns to personal or professional financial gain. 

The Inspector has put Truth and Honesty first, regardless of who is the commissioning party. 

The inspector has reported Truth to Power.

He has not sold his integrity or reports to the highest bidder. 


The Inspector has over 20 years experience in the flooring trade, and fifteen years as an inspector

The Inspector has faithfully and without regard to expenses sought out, and help develop, educational classes for himself and fellow inspectors.

The inspector has attended all educational classes beyond his basic Certification Classes to become not merely a reporter of facts he sees, but to be able to explain the science behind flooring failure to find the Cause and Effect but to also be able to make sound and correct recommendations to solve the issues.

This We Pledge To You

The Inspectors listed as Peer Reviewed meet these requirements and have been so judged by their Peers so that you can feel safe, and know, you are contacting someone who will help you honestly, and with integrity, regardless of who may be told the fault or defect lies with them.