Dr. Bond teaching, a great teacher who will help you become one of the best in your trade

Virginia Tech University Laboratory

This is a class taught by PhD wood scientists who work with kiln drying operations consulting and solving problems for them; and also, doing examinations of wood flooring in large litigation cases, some international.

When you want to learn Wood Science applied to Wood Flooring, the Guild started the first classes doing this in 2009, ten years ago! Our Wood Science PhD. Scientists are not just researchers, they research wood science applied to floors. 
Our Professors, are the hands on experts in the Flooring Trade!

Their classes are based upon actual field experience.

PhD. Wood Scientists with experienced in our trade, as inspectors, examiners and consultants; hands on experience and consultants on Large International Patent Litigation, that is the quality of our Instructors and Classes. 

This class has been designed for the floor professional to address our concerns with dying our hardwood floors lumber.

Its purpose is to teach Hardwood Flooring Professionals, the true facts, not myths or misleading statements, about drying hardwood for flooring. Learn the truth, not misleading information by persons with special interest.

This class is rare. It has formulated especially for the hardwood flooring professional. 
Only the Guild has ever offered or arranged for Wood Flooring Professionals to attend kiln drying classes. Only the Guild has arranged for a Wood Grading Class, which is coming again, SOON. Soon to be announced!

When: August 5 & 6, 2019 
Where: Roanoke, Va. 
Instructors: Dr. Hindman and Dr. Bond, Va. Technical University 
Tuition: $450.00 

Howard Brinkman's Class Information Information Page 

A Kiln Drying Defect

Kiln Dry Class for Flooring Professionals

A class designed to start you on your journey to be the best by knowing what few in your trade know today.

To date, there are less than 25 Flooring Inspectors in the United States who have taken a Kiln Dry Class designed specifically for Flooring Professionals. 

They are, a step ahead of the rest of the Wood Floor Professionals performing

Wood Inspections and Examinations.

Do you want to be a professional or someone who only does surveys?

Can you explain how and when problems happened during your examination? 

Some only report their survey of the wood flooring, others, examine and explain what happen that can be classified as expert testimony in court. 

Which one, are you?  

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Advance Classes for the Hardwood Floor Professionals