This August, a special Kiln Drying Class for the Flooring Professional and a Special Inspection Class by the Master himself, Howard Brickman.

For this class, you must apply, see details below.

This is a class taught by PhD wood scientists who work with kiln drying operations consulting and solving problems for them; and also, doing examinations of wood flooring in large litigation cases, some international.

When you want to learn Wood Science applied to Wood Flooring, the Guild started the first classes doing this in 2009, ten years ago! Our Wood Science PhD. Scientists are not just researchers, they research wood science applied to floors. 
Our Professors, are the hands on experts in the Flooring Trade!

Their classes are based upon actual field experience.

PhD. Wood Scientists with experienced in our trade, as inspectors, examiners and consultants; hands on experience and consultants on Large International Patent Litigation, that is the quality of our Instructors and Classes. 

This class has been designed for the floor professional to address our concerns with dying our hardwood floors lumber.

Its purpose is to teach Hardwood Flooring Professionals, the true facts, not myths or misleading statements, about drying hardwood for flooring. Learn the truth, not misleading information by persons with special interest.

This class is rare. It has formulated especially for the hardwood flooring professional. 
Only the Guild has ever offered or arranged for Wood Flooring Professionals to attend kiln drying classes. Only the Guild has arranged for a Wood Grading Class, which is coming again, SOON. Soon to be announced!

When: August 3 & 4, 2019 
Where: Roanoke, Va. 
Instructors: Dr. Hindman and Dr. Bond, Va. Technical University 
Tuition: $450.00 
Class size: 15 - 20 students (At this time, 8 students have signed up, its is filling fast) 
To Register, use this LINK for the Registration Form Page

The class will be at the Blue Ridge Hotel And Conference Center, with discount rates. A half day will be spent at a large commercial kiln drying operation showing you each step by step until the final product is ready to be shipped to a flooring company to be milled, prepared and sold. That is what you buy, sell, install and inspect.

You will learn, the truth about what can go right and what can go wrong during each drying step before it is shipped to the flooring company.
Some flooring companies do their own kiln drying and the processes?

Truth? Yes, at Guild Classes.

You want more technical knowledge

How about, the Master himself, who taught the first inspection classes long before the old NOFMA, the NWFA, and all the other schools. Mr. Brickman is a consultant for many of the leading construction companies in the NorthEast, and he will be doing an Inspection Workshop the Saturday and Sunday before the Wood Flooring Professional Kiln Drying Class. 

"Move Beyond Certification, Become Educated"

Guild instructors, professionals and scientists who have actually worked in the HardWood Profession!

Applicants should have the following:

1.Hands on experience with installation of all types of wood floors and all methods of installation

2.Hands on experience with sand & finish of all types of wood floors and all methods of finishing

3.Membership in IWFA as a contractor or inspector is included with the fee for the class.

4.Applicants agree to purchase and read the designated chapters in Understanding Wood and the Wood Handbook prior to attending the class.

Where: Roanoke, Va. 
Instructor:Howard Brickman
Tuition: $450.00 
Class size: 15 - 20 students

​Students who sign up for both classes receive a $50.00 Discount 

Class Photograph of a past Guild Class at Virginia Tech University 

Don't you deserve instructors who can teach not only how to inspect wood floors, but, also teaches installers how to do custom work like this!

Winner of the Floor Installation of the Year, former Technical Director at the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA, also Mill Inspector), Grad student at the Un. of Mass., Amherst, Charter Member of the NWFA and now, one of the founders of the IWFA.

When you want to learn from the best, the Guild helps provide the best.

The Guild was the FIRST to bring wood science to the wood floor industry using Wood Scientists exclusively.

Don't you deserve the best Instructors who know, how wood science is applied to wood flooring?

Howard Brinkman's

International Hardwood Floor Association Hardwood Floor Inspection Class