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FLOORING FORENSICS® Inc. is an independent consulting firm, specializing in the science, analysis and disciplines of floor covering failure. Product performance, product installation and moisture related failures are included within our field of expertise. Professional services include document review, site inspections, specification development & technical writing, litigation support, claims evaluation and support within the insurance industry, case development, case management & quality assurance inspections.

FLOORING FORENSICS, founded in 1982 by president and CEO Roland A. Vierra, has extensive experience in every segment of the flooring industry: project development & design, manufacturing, product installation and product performance evaluation.

FLOORING FORENSICS and specifically Mr. Vierra has been retained as an industry expert in numerous arbitration and mediation proceedings. He has assisted in the development of product & installation specifications, performed project management duties for several large floor covering installations, and performed numerous moisture intrusion investigations, including moisture vapor emissions testing of concrete slabs and sub-flooring.

Years of extensive field experience, coupled with industry-specific technical knowledge, are the cornerstones of Mr. Vierra's professional practice. Through ongoing formalized training programs and active committee memberships in leading industry associations, Mr. Vierra is able to stay current with new, “state of the art” technologies and materials that drive the floor covering industry.

FLOORING FORENSICS is uniquely qualified to assist with every floor covering issue, problem or complaint and happy to answer questions pertaining to floor covering performance, product selection, specifications, claims, moisture intrusion and product/installation failures.

FLOORING FORENSICS Inc. does not broker, sell or install floor covering materials


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Professional Services

  • Expert in all interior flooring surfaces
  • Carpet
  • Resilient
  • Hardwood
  • Laminates
  • Ceramic Tile & Stone
  • Specialty Surfaces & Resinous Coatings
  • Sports & Court Flooring
  • Polished & Stained Concrete
  • Concrete Moisture Testing