Important Message From The Guild's Founder

I started the Guild in 2009. The first Wood Science Class for the Flooring Inspector was taught in March of 2009.

Since then, we have worked hard to bring the best education in the industry at a tuition that everyone can afford. 
My goal starting the Guild was not profit but Education. My thought process was simple, if I arrange great educational classes, people will come.

Education improves our industry, increases and protects your profits.

The more you know, the better job you do, the more people hire you.

The Guild works for you! My pledge to you is simple, The Guild Programs will continue to be about education.

We are independent, and work for you.

Often imitated but never equaled. 

Founder: Selva "Lee" Tucker

Sam Zarcone

Ray Servaes

Peter Kodner

Roland Veria 

Ralph Goffery

Will Stoner

​Andrew Fronczek

Howard Brickman

William "Bill" Zoetvelt