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Guild Classes for 2013!

The Guild's Fall Class
We are   Moving Beyond Certification by Becoming Educated 

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The Floor Inspectors Educational Guild 

This August the Guild is presenting Wood Scientists not only from one University but Wood Scientists from TWO UNIVERSITIES!!! 

Yes, Virginia Tech and North Carolina State Universities Wood Scientists are joining together to help you become the best at what you do. 

For starters, Dr. D. Hindman will discuss "Industry Folklore" as an introduction to his classes then delve into Building Envelope Science and Wood Flooring in our buildings. 

Is that all? 
NO! The Wood Science of Engineered Wood in all its complexity will be explained, related to our trade, and then we will be taught how to analyze and interpret the data we collect during inspections. 

Engineered Wood is a complex subject so the Guild went to the best to arrange the best class for our industry. 

On May 20, 2013 two wood mill technicians (one with a degree in Wood Technology and the other a PhD in physics), a Claims Manager from a major adhesive manufacturer, two industry inspection instructors, four wood scientists, one graduate student, and several inspectors, former retailers and installers met to help develop the best class that can be presented for Wood Flooring Professionals. 

From that meeting a new understanding of the issues facing the Engineered wood segment of our industry was recognized, addressed in frank discussions and a course outline created. 
All agreed this upcoming class is needed, wanted, and will help all of us in our trade. 

Come join us for a rare educational event unlike any you have attended in the past! Four Wood Science Professors! Two Universities joining together for us! 

Your Instructors: 
Dr. Hindman, VaTech 
Dr. Mitchell, NCSU 
Dr. Bond, VaTech 
Dr. Loferski, VaTech 

Has there ever been a line-up of such industry renown Wood Scientist to teach Wood Flooring Professionals? 
Never before now! 

When? This August 15 - 17, 2013 
Where? The campus of VaTech and the Hilton Garden Inn in Blacksburg, VA 

Questions and details? 
864 238 5507 

Floor Inspectors Educational Guild 
Lee Tucker 
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