The Guild's Spring Seminar

Dr. Joe Loferski is our featured speaker teaching our industry student's the particulars about our Engineered Wood Flooring.

Dr. Loferski

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The Spring Seminar is set!

A lineup of the best in the flooring industry for you

and the IICRC is offering their Hard Surface and Wood Maintenance Classes for Free!

When you sign up for the Guild's Seminar, you get your choice of which of these two day classes you want to attend, free. 

A $595.00 value, Free.

A SPECIAL SEMINAR: Dr. Joe Loferski will be our feature teacher / speaker
Dates: April 3 - 5, 2019
Location: Dalton Convention Center, Dalton Ga.

One of the goals of the Guild has always been to "cross the lines" never crossed before.
To date, the schools participating are the IFCI, IICRC and The Guild.

Day 1.

The day starts with introductions, a short class by Delmhorst Meters, then Dr. Loferski, Wood Science Professor from Va. Technical University, will teach a new class on Engineered Wood, with updates and teaching new research results.

Day 2.

Shaw, all day with their vinyl, LVP, SmartCore and all their other WPC SPC products: How to inspect and installation procedures

Day 3

Howard Brickman, consultant and instructor for the new wood association, International Wood Flooring Association, will teach the "Correct Installation Methods based upon common sense and applicable wood science".


The IICRC takes over for an afternoon. This is a can't miss afternoon to update your Résumé

When? April 3-5, 2019
Where: Dalton, GA
Applications are now being accepted.

Important Update Concerning the Spring Seminar - Tenth Anniversary Special for our supporters.
We wanted to do something special for the Students who have supported us for the last ten years. How to do that? By offering not one but two great educational classes. 

When you sign up for this Spring Seminar, you qualify for two additional days of education in the Fall.
How much? $45.00!

That is correct, The Guild will be renting the meeting space at the Dalton Convention Center for two days next Fall and, for those who attended the Spring Seminar in April, the Fall Class will only $45.00.
Why do this? We mean it when we say, "We work for you, the flooring professional".

No one has ever offered to you this kind of opportunity. To have two classes, at this price.

Special additional classes before the Guild's Seminar.
On the Monday and Tuesday before the Guild's Seminar, the IICRC will have two classes.
That's right, two classes.
One Class will be Wood Floor Maintenance on Monday and Tuesday 
The second class will be hard-surface class on Monday and Tuesday. 
These classes are being offered by the IICRC. You must apply with the IICRC to attend these classes. They are a separate tuition.
There is more. There is one more class being discussed that is a vinyl inspection class on that same Monday and Tuesday by another school. 
What does this mean? It means, five days of great education at low affordable prices.

You must register for these classes with the IICRC.