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The Flooring Inspectors Educational Guild of North America was founded in 2009 by Selva Lee Tucker with guidance and cooperation from North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department to arrange and present higher education and training to flooring inspectors. 

The goal is to bridge the gap between "hands on"  flooring knowledge and the science behind the products. 

This is being accomplished by arranging classes with the scientist who develop or study the materials, and chemistry (substances) that are used in making our flooring. 

Since 2009, each Spring and Fall, there have been classes for wood flooring inspectors at North Carolina State University presented by the university's Wood Extension Department.

In September of 2011, the First Guild Class off Campus was taught by Dr. MItchell in Charleston, SC. 

In May of 2012, the Guild took the Classes to the National Wood Flooring Association's Headquarters outside St. Louis (Mo) for three days. Dr. Denig, Dr. Mitchell and Steve Tolli (International Acknowledged Cork Flooring Expert) were exceptional in their presentations of Truth Based Upon Peer Reviewed Wood Science.
Over 45 students from the wood flooring industry attended.

In August of 2012, the Guild had Roberto Nunez (MA, MBA), a concrete engineer with over 25 years construction experience, North Carolina State University Professor and researcher and who owns his own concrete construction company, present a one day course "Concrete on Grade". 
In addition, Dr. Alex Wiedenhoeft, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory and Fellowship instructor at the Universities of Perdue and Mn., taught a Wood ID course and General Wood Science Course. 
Both classes were taught in Historic Charleston, SC. 

February 28th - March 2d, 2013 a NEW COURSE was taught at the Virginia Tech Campus by their Wood Extension Department. The course was considered a huge success by all attendees.

In October 2013 The VaTech Professors and NCSU (Dr. Mitchell) did a Great Follow Up Advance Class Specializing in Engineer Wood Science

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